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14 April 2006

Work submited to the competition Scandal! 15th International Silverart Competition

In the text that accompains the conditions and terms of participation it reads:
"Whatever it means in the current social and cultural context and with regard to contemporary jewellery even if the only effect would be to test the current limits of what is possible and acceptable." Stawomir Fijalkowski
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Raul Boino said...

Scandalously Sharp Adornment!
One more of Marta Boino's exquisite contemporary jewellery pieces outstanding her continuous ability to portray how acutely on target can be the keen eye of the artist along Time's warping.
Like in a thriller motion-picture, depiction of reality's hidrance widstands once again at the eye of the beholder!

Raul Boino said...

que linda navalhada!

blueskiesandfluffyclouds said...

This is soooo amazing. Congratulations, once again.:-)