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06 June 2006

Identity rings

The first edition of this rings took place in 2001, when I participated for the second time in the show/sale Rietveld naar de Beurs.
the idea is for the wearer to choose for himself what to put in the ring so it becomes individually different. On another level the ring has its own identity due to the fact that each ring is made individually so there are no two of a kind, although at first sight they may look all the same. Finally they are all made by hand and formed by me so every one and each of the rings has my own hand prints on it there fore my identity.
This rings have become very wanted so i keep on doing them. Soon the third edition will be available.
They can be also found in Amsterdam at , Otro Diseño
www.otrodiseno.com and at Galerie Ra http://www.galerie-ra.nl
And in the Atelier/store of Nininha Guimaraes in Lisbon

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Anonymous said...

Great job!