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06 December 2006


SIERAAD 2006 - DECEMBER 7-10, 2006
From precious stones to war debris: Designers from the South set to amaze the Dutch audience
The Otro Diseño Pavilion for
Sieraad 2006 presents the work of 40 contemporary jewelery designers from southern countries
RAI, Amsterdam

20 November 2006

my contribution to the Ar.Co Bazar

I was very pleased to participate in the Ar.Co Exhibition/ Sale for fund collecting.
I had the chance to be in Lisbon at the time and I thought it was a great opportunity to see such a diversity and amount of work displayed in such a great set up and space.
It was as well a very good opportunity to present works from Ar.Co students to a wider audience.
Congratulations to all that made it possible.

17 November 2006

Ar.Co Bazar

Ar.Co - Bazar / Exposição Venda de Angariação de Fundos

Inaugurou no passado dia 17 de Novembro, pelas 19 horas, e prolongou-se pelos dias 18 e 19 (sábado e domingo) na Galeria 1 do Centro de Exposições do Centro Cultural de Belém, uma Exposição/Venda de cerca de 250 obras oferecidas por 150 artistas ligados(as) ao Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual. Tratou-se de uma operação de angariação de fundos no âmbito do "Plano de Desenvolvimento do Ar.Co 2006-2009", de que fazem também parte outras iniciativas, a anunciar, antecipando desde já o 35º Aniversário da escola em 2008.

20 September 2006

Autumn 2006

A new version of the wood ball necklaces, this time with shinny cabochon glass.
Available in different color combinations to match all tastes!

06 June 2006

Identity rings

The first edition of this rings took place in 2001, when I participated for the second time in the show/sale Rietveld naar de Beurs.
the idea is for the wearer to choose for himself what to put in the ring so it becomes individually different. On another level the ring has its own identity due to the fact that each ring is made individually so there are no two of a kind, although at first sight they may look all the same. Finally they are all made by hand and formed by me so every one and each of the rings has my own hand prints on it there fore my identity.
This rings have become very wanted so i keep on doing them. Soon the third edition will be available.
They can be also found in Amsterdam at , Otro Diseño
www.otrodiseno.com and at Galerie Ra http://www.galerie-ra.nl
And in the Atelier/store of Nininha Guimaraes in Lisbon

Rietveld naar de Beurs 2006

One more year, one more "Rietveld naar de Beurs".
This is a project that happens every year in the Pentecostes (4 and 5 June). The Gerrit Rietveld Academie started together with the Beurs van Berlage, this tradition many years ago and every time it happens it is an enriching experience to participate. Congratulations to the organization and specially to Pieter Elbers that did a great job!
For myself it was as well a successful move, everybody was very enthusiastic about my product and it is always good to have a chance to talk about your work with a stranger. Thank you!

19 May 2006

Spring 2006

Now it seems that everybody is into necklaces made with balls (as in: ball, globe, orb; an object with a spherical shape). Here are some of my latest creations, that I had the opportunity to show and sell in "Mundo Mix PT", in Lisbon.
I'm happy to say that it was a big success and , that I got a lot of enthusiastic reactions.

Mundo Mix Lisboa 2006

I was kindly invited by Nininha Guimaraes to participate in the event "Mundo Mix" in Lisbon.
I spent last weekend, 13 and 14 May, I in Castelo de Sao Jorge (Lisbon) with a great group of people.
It was great fun and experience, It was a pleasure to be there with you guys!

14 April 2006

Work submited to the competition Scandal! 15th International Silverart Competition

In the text that accompains the conditions and terms of participation it reads:
"Whatever it means in the current social and cultural context and with regard to contemporary jewellery even if the only effect would be to test the current limits of what is possible and acceptable." Stawomir Fijalkowski
For more info go to:

16 February 2006

"Que te do mi corazion amor de mi vida" na Cantina Baldracca

"Que te do mi corazion amor de mi vida" na Cantina Baldracca

Venho finalmente anunciar a nova exposição colectiva a acontecer agora, no restaurante Cantina Baldracca. A exposição surge a partir de um texto (um pouco sanguinário) de Ofélia (pseudónimo da Ana), que a Noelle Georg interpreta em fotografia e é acompanhada por corações em cerâmica da Marta Eliseu, que coincidentemente estavam a ser concebidos aquando a concepção do texto. Mais não digo. Deixo-vos desenvolver a curiosidade e ficamos à vossa espera no DIA 18/02/2006 – SÁBADO – ENTRE AS 16H E AS 19H, para uns petiscos à portuguesa.

A Gerência

Cantina Baldracca
(das 12H às 15H e das 19H às 24H – todos dias )
Sáb. das 19H às 24H)

Rua das Farinhas, 1 (ao Lg de S. Cristovão)

19 January 2006

End exam show

An overview of the eind exam show

final exam

In my final exam on june/jully'05 I showed both ceramic sculptures and jewellery.
Here are some images of some of the works, in a more detailled view.
And if you feel like it check out the link:

on going relationship

Wonderful to see how interesting your Tshirts came up! Good job girl!There's definitely an ongoing relationship in between all your pieces of work. I think this relationship is less literal than it may seem at first sigh, thus, it's more about their intrinsic artistic value as metaphors within a wider sense of the field of "Body Transformation" or, even, "transforming embodiment".I'm fond of the way you've been working around & about the beauty of the grotesque and the way that reflects your meaningful understanding of human body, in its full extension,of its bones, muscles, tendons, and even cells...from the big body picture to its smaller units.Lovely Art is your that your virtue adorns with beauty!Rb