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18 December 2007

Happy holiday season

This time I had the pleasure to work with Ulli Rehm in the installation-decoration for the window in Villa ZeezichtCafe(you probably heard about it, as they are known for having the best apple pie in whole Amsterdam. The cafe is on Torensteeg 7; open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner).
The installation consists in a x-mas tree like structure and it is decorated with several necklaces, go and have a closer look!
There is information available about the works, just ask for it to one of the waitresses.

21 June 2007

IMPRESSIONS ON PORTUGUESE CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY at the LandskronSchneidzik Galerie Galerie und KunstagenturDeutschherrnstraße -Nürnberg

Promoted by ICEP Curated by Cristina Filipe

Impressions: or jewellery that transmits visions of a culture from a group of artists that works for the body poetically and functionally.This exhibit attempts to show in an eclectic way what is currently being made in the field of jewellery in Portugal. Authors of three generations and coming from different backgrounds are presented under five thematicgroups illustrated by five photographs: – Listening, Drawing,Enhancing, Trusting and Rememberingdraw the eye and guide the mind of the viewer, offering an understanding of the pieces and how they may be used. Non-traditional materials and experimental techniques can be seen underpinned by strongtechnical and craft skills.

am Samstag, den 16. Juni 2007 um 16:00
Begrüßung: Prof. Ulla Mayer, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Nürnberg
AUSSTELLUNGSORT: LandskronSchneidzik Galerie und KunstagenturDeutschherrnstraße 15-19, 90429 Nürnberg
AUSSTELLUNGSDAUER: 16. Juni - 18. Juli 2007

ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN: Mi-Fr: 12-18 Uhr, Sa 12-16 Uhr und nach telefonischer Vereinbarung
Tel. +49 (0) 173_5825688 und +49 (0) 170_4218914

05 April 2007

Dokhuis - the show

click on the image to enlarge

This is an overview of the show that took place at the DokHuis galerie in Amsterdam. The sculptures and the jewelery are my making and the show cases including the lighting instalation are work from Anette Kitier. It was a pleasure to work with Anette Kitier and to see how well our pieces work together.
The copyright of the images belongs to ®marcinrobak.com and ®BeLongings as is indicated on the pictures.

19 March 2007


Exposição/Venda de angariação de fundos dias 18 e 19 de Novembro 2006 .

Galeria 1 do Centro de Exposições Centro Cultural de Belém

Inauguração: 17 de Novembro, 19h00

O Ar.Co agradece ao Centro Cultural de Belém a colaboração prestadae a solidariedade para com a presente iniciativa.

Comissão promotora

Ângelo de Sousa, António Parreira, Carlos Olavo Corrêa de Azevedo, Joana Mayer, João Esteves de Oliveira, Leonor Parreira, Manuela Franco, Mary Salgado, Maria Holstein Campilho, Teresa Gaspar


Artemoldura, Banco Espírito Santo de Investimento, SA, Casa Cadaval, Casal Branco Sociedade de Vinhos, SA, Cerâmicas Aleluia, SA, FeirExpo, Grupo Sumol, Joana Mayer, Mário Jorge Patrício Tomé, Pictorial, Quinta da Lagoalva, SA, Textype

Agradecimentos: A todos os artistas que aceitaram participar nesta iniciativa, oferecendo as suas obras.

E ainda: Ana Martinho, Adelino Gomes, Assírio & Alvim, Baginski – Galeria/Projectos, Carlos Carvalho – Arte Contemporânea, Caroline Pagès – The Artroom, Filipa Oliveira,Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento, Fundação PLMJ, Galeria 111, Galeria ARTFIT, Galeria de Colares, Galeria Fernando Santos, Galeria Filomena Soares, Galeria Graça Brandão,Galeria Luís Serpa – Projectos, Galeria Reverso das Bernardas, Galeria Sopro – Projecto de Arte Contemporânea, Giefarte, Hugo Brito, João Silvério, Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea, Manuel Caldeira, Maria Lusitano, Miguel Nabinho, Módulo – Centro Difusor de Arte, Nininha Guimarães dos Santos, Nuno Vale Cardoso, Paula Machado de Castro, Pedro Fortes, Vera Cortês – Agência de Arte, VPFCream Art - Galeria de Arte Contemporânea

Horários da Exposição:

dia 17 (19h00 – 22h30) dias 18 e 19 (10h00 -19h00).

Programação Ar.Co de filme experimental e vídeo na Sala Polivalente:

dia 17 (19h00 – 23h00) dias 18 e 19 (10h00 – 14h00).