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19 January 2006

End exam show

An overview of the eind exam show

final exam

In my final exam on june/jully'05 I showed both ceramic sculptures and jewellery.
Here are some images of some of the works, in a more detailled view.
And if you feel like it check out the link:

on going relationship

Wonderful to see how interesting your Tshirts came up! Good job girl!There's definitely an ongoing relationship in between all your pieces of work. I think this relationship is less literal than it may seem at first sigh, thus, it's more about their intrinsic artistic value as metaphors within a wider sense of the field of "Body Transformation" or, even, "transforming embodiment".I'm fond of the way you've been working around & about the beauty of the grotesque and the way that reflects your meaningful understanding of human body, in its full extension,of its bones, muscles, tendons, and even cells...from the big body picture to its smaller units.Lovely Art is your that your virtue adorns with beauty!Rb